Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sorry, Been Real Busy, Blessings of Flexible Work Schedule, and How the Workplace Has Changed

First, let me apologize that this is the first post in over a month.  At first I was real busy with work, and then a whole set of problems occurred at work that prevented me from being able to pay attention to the blog.

Of the most import is that my 5 year old son got sick, and when he did not get better after a day or two, we realized he might have an appendix problem.  So we rushed him to the ER and confirmed that he had appendicitis.  We then rushed to the hospital where they put him in surgery as soon as they could, and found out that his appendix burst.  We ended up at the hospital for a full week as he recovered.  Naturally, that took a lot of our attention.

It is a real blessing to have a work place and a job where I had the kind of flexibility that I do.  I was able to spend nights and mornings with my son while my wife was able to keep the kids at home.  Friends watched the kids during the day while caught up on sleep or went to the office.  The hospital had wi-fi, so I was able to get basic work done while still attending to my son so he was never alone at the hospital.  Essentially with my cell phone and laptop, I was able to maintain a remote office where ever I was and keep things going without having to be at the office.

I have to specifically thank the families from church and elsewhere that took care of our kids, provided food, prayed with us, or visited the hospital like the Hammersmiths, the Johnsons, the Lascors, the Adams, my parents, the Geoffrions, the Orranges, the Baggerlys, our neighbor Ms. Bunny, the Cranes, the Gores, and I hope I did not miss anyone.  It was a blessing to see our faith community in action.

As I rushed around with our health crisis, it is clear how much things have changed in professional life.  With a laptop and cell phone I was able to convert almost anyplace into a work zone.  Face to face contact with clients, fellow attorneys, and staff remains important, but I could work around other pressing activities. 

I’m getting back up to speed and hope to post some content again soon.

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