Saturday, April 3, 2010

Creative Connection Trade Show Lessons

The Trade Show with Creative Connections went great.  There was a steady stream of traffic and I had some interesting conversations with various business owners.  I also learned a couple of lessons that will be very useful for the future.

The first is that I need to bring a drink.  I got parched fast talking with everyone.  It was great, but I found out quickly that all of the drinks and snacks were  cash only and I generally don’t carry cash.  However, this last time, a friend was kind enough to get a bottle of water for me.

Second, not too surprisingly, there were a lot of people who came through the show in order to give the exhibitors their cards and invite us to come to sponsored networking events or other trade show events.  This wasn’t bad, but it isn’t necessarily the kind of people with which one hopes to spend time talking.  Having a second person at the booth would be helpful to make sure that I am able to talk with those who might actually be interested in my services.

Third, I think that having on my sign some of the specific services I provide might help.  This would have gotten some of the conversations in the right direction right away as visitors to my booth did not necessarily know why I was there.  Listing out things like Trademark Registration, Copyright Protection, Contracts Review and Drafting, Company Formation, and so on, might be a helpful to visitors.

Fourth, setting aside some times for consults with prospects with a sign up sheet might have also been useful.  That way, I can move beyond introduction straight to a second contact opportunity.

Finally, I toyed around with a give away of some kind.  My firm has sometimes given away a simple will at Estate Planning presentations.  I was considering a Trademark analysis as a give away given the context, but perhaps a single member LLC Operating Agreement would be appropriate.  If one needed an Operating Agreement for a multi-member, I could discount the cost by the usual cost of drafting a single member Operating Agreement.  And I could simply make it a certain number of hours credit toward whatever work the prospect might need.  I think that next time I will move on that possibility.

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