Monday, January 5, 2009

Psalm 73 and Practicing Law

Sometimes, as a lawyer, I get the feeling like I'm a fool for trying to do the right thing, practice the right way, and advising my clients to do the right things. Too many times, justice is thwarted and the opposing counsel with the arrogant, confrontational, hateful attitude is the one that seems to get away with all of their lies, half-truths, and undermining. (Of course, to get this far, you have to believe that there is something like the truth, that there is a right way to act, and that you can know what those things are. Discussions for other posts.)

Psalm 73 really hits the spot for me. I sit there and really identify with the first few verses, thinking about how unfair it is when I am respectful and the other side takes advantage of it. When I am courtious and it is thrown back in my face. When I repress the urge to respond to someone with an equal measure of the venom that they have carelessly spewed out at me. But more than this, I have to confess that I get envious. I want the success of winning the case, of obtaining victory. I want the spoils of doing well - more clients, more income. And it seems like the attorneys who do wrong, who do not care about people or relationships, that they get these things.

So I love that last half of Psalm 73, how it brings the perspective back to my practice. I would rather do good and maintain my integrity, my service to my clients for their whole health. I will strive again today to be a testimonial favoring God, by how I practice my profession.

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