Sunday, January 4, 2009

Beginning of a Beautiful Thing

It only took me about three days of concerted effort, but I am now set up to blog on this site.  Of course, this is the start up phase and I have much to go.  I like the twitter posts because they are short and simple.  No real commentary necessary.  A blog on the other hand, requires more.  And while I am not alien to blogging as I have been doing so personally for a while now, this will be my first foray into blogging regarding professional matters.

So here is my goal: to create an inviting and informative business community related to my practice of law in Colorado.  I will work to engage both clients and colleagues regarding business (and some other) issues from a legal perspective.  And hopefully, if you know me, that means we get to talk about all kinds of truly important and practical issues and topics from a relational perspective.  Because law is about relationships, and relationships are worth pursing well (like with integrity, forethought, discernment, wisdom, grace, and sound judgment).

Looking forward to writing more.

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